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There are many things that are good and right in this country. For example, our Constitution and Bill Of Rights protects individual rights to property, free speech and many others all of which add incalculable value to our lives. Taken together, I call all these good things the American Lifestyle.

Over the nearly 2 and a half centuries our this country has existed, some problems have crept up and pose threats to this lifestyle. This is normal in any operation – be it a mechanical device, a business or a country. When mechanical devices, or businesses degrade, we fix them. When countries degrade, we fix them – by making reforms. This blog will propose reforms that are needed immediately, and reforms that are needed to keep things running smoothly for the next few centuries. I will blog about reforms to Business, Law and Government – that will fix the problems by preserving and building upon those things that are good and right. This blog proposes to create the greatest good for the most people – without setting back anyone substantially.

This blog will seek to show ways to make our society better off. My goal for society is to provide the greatest good for the most people. This blog will discover reforms to achieve this goal, by applying these five principles:
1.It is wrong for some people to have responsibility without ethics.
2.It is wrong for some people to have great power and others be less than free.
3.It is wrong for some people to have vast wealth while others are in poverty.
4.Our Constitution, as written, including the amendments, is very good – we should always abide our own rules when making changes to our laws.
5.Competitive markets driven by individuals with private property interests usually do a better job than government intervention. We can tweak markets here or there, to make them more competitive and/or to soften the effects of unbridled competition – but we never dare ignore or abolish them.
Taken together, Principles 1, 2 and 3 suggest many promising vectors of reform. Taken together, Principles 4 and 5 suggest we favor moderate and incremental changes, and fixing existing things rather than making sweeping or radical changes.

To be effective, the idea of reform must become a vision compelling to all. Like President Obama says we need change we can believe in. Its not enough to have some vague notion of it – a concrete plan must be made and executed. Those with an interest in reform must help set the agenda, or those who favor the current state of affairs will corrupt the agenda, and make the reforms ineffective. Our current system is a hodgepodge of representative democracy, capitalism, socialism, and increasingly, authoritarianism…Freedom, democracy, capitalism and socialism are good ingredients for any society – we just need to have them in the right proportions, and we need to remove the bitter flavor of authoritarianism from the mix.

Presently, the voices of authoritarianism, are still setting policy: we are still enthralled by Terrorism, and Fear at a time when Liberty and Livelihood are very much more in danger than our lives. We must enunciate a contrasting and compelling alternative vision to those who would curtail liberty and enrich themselves at our expense. We must achieve it in a non-violent way through the press, elections, legislation and the courts.

I propose changes that are needed immediately, and changes that are needed for the long term.  I see good ideas across the political spectrum: from deep left to far right and everywhere in between.  I hope to help advance these ideas and I also propose some ideas of my own.  I hope to change minds, including, my own sometimes.  Please comment, discuss,  politely disagree, and TAKE ACTION!

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