On Love: Needed In Our Public Lives?

Love-zhWhat is love?

  1. Love is how I feel when I think of grandma.
  2. Love is joy of being with my sweetie.
  3. Love is a purring cat that refuses to leave me to my work.
  4. Love is the boundless trust, kindness and help that is shared between close friends and family.
  5. Love is the warmth of doing a good thing for someone else.
  6. Love was that feeling of kindness that kept me from cutting off the fat, happy, oblivious, singing woman in the lane next to me – even though I was late.
  7. Love is the motivation to not take advantage of those I could.

I have always been moved by Shakira – ¿Donde Estas Corazon?

Love is needed now more than ever in our society. Where is the love in our bankers, businessmen and politicians? Where are our religious leaders? Shouldn’t advocating frequent, brazen, public acts of love be a foremost goal of their profession? Shouldn’t the so called Culture Wars be about treating everyone with love, instead of about gays, and coarseness of culture?

Some may say that a blog pushing political reform should talk about serious problems, not about love.  In all seriousness, if everyone acted with love towards each other, then most of these serious problems in need of reform would not exist.

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2 Comments on “On Love: Needed In Our Public Lives?”

  1. Livia Rojas Says:

    U are right.There are many things on this Earth that make us think how would be our planet without love.This feeling move us for the most espetacular sensations.Everyone should use this feeling to share with others..Love is related to heavenly feelings and never with sad ones.Even when u lose someone u loved(what we cannot control in case of death), the love u had will turn into something better.People who cultivates and treats it with respect will always achive the best even if it takes a little longer than planned.I can say that love can be present in different forms, doesn’t matter if u love your parents,grandparents, brothers, other relativies, a cooworker, your pet or even someone u just met,what matters is what u are able to give to whom u are sharing your love with…I am glad I am old enough to understand that and make my best to use the power of this incredable feeling…We cannot judge other people’s love cause that comes with freedom too but we can do our part in the whole process.

  2. Deb Dortch Says:

    Love is needed in ot our public as well as our private lives. All of our actions should be based on love and respect for others – no exception. After all isn’t that how you would like to be treated? I agree with Ms. Rojas’ comment above that love is indeed an incredible feeling.

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