On Humanity: Is It Still Within Us?

I set down and read the news every few days – and almost every time, I see some new atrocity:

Rwandan_Genocide_Murambi_bodiesI believe there is something wrong with people. I feel that many other peoples’ values are not the same as mine. For the record, I am not religious; I am guided entirely by a strong sense of ethics. I wonder if most other people in this world are guided by anything at all, after I read things like the above every few days.These kind of atrocities are not limited to the Western World:

Honestly, regarding international issues, there are enough people living in stable, at least, partially-free and democratic states, that we could bring more pressure to bear diplomatically. Certain countries, such as Burma, would be very vulnerable to UN-led military action. It is the 20th anniversary of the fall of Communism in Europe – lets get something going.

Right now, what do we do about the atrocities that continue to occur within our midst? How do we effectively and affordably end such atrocities?

People are not inherently good or evil, although the possibility for both exists within us.   Some people do tend more strongly towards 1 or the other.   I think some people’s hearts incline them towards murder, theft, embezzlement, cruel-and-unusual business practices, etc.

I would guess that some kid who hurts animals is going to have a harder time becoming a responsible loving adult than your average choir boy.  How do we, within in the bounds of personal liberty, privacy and so on, bring these people back from the abyss? I think one part of this is treating each other with love (see my previous post on Love).

What do you think? Can humanity save itself? I especially want to hear from some religious people. What does Jesus say? How about Allah …what does Allah say? What does Buddha say? And  what does Hinduism say? I want to hear from everybody.

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