On The Independent Blogger – Part 1: Who is this Masked Man of Write?

MelissaAbout Me: I’m creative, bold and irreverent. I love liberty. I’m smart, and sometimes suave; but sometimes not. I have 2 technical degrees, and my Six-Sigma Black Belt. Hablo Español e tambem estou aprendendo Portugues. I’m an engineer, and where there’s an engineer there’s a way.

I have 2 goals for this blog:

  1. I am looking to change minds, including, sometimes, my own.
  2. I am looking to make a lasting measurable positive impact in this world – beyond what I can do in a job.

I see good ideas across the political spectrum from far right to far left and everywhere in between. Occasionally I will suggest some of my own ideas too.

I like many things:

  • spending time with friends, family and my cat,
  • building, modifying and repairing things, and most especially, renovating my house…,
  • The Cavs, and the Cavs Dance Team :D,
  • writing,
  • art,
  • I like action, comedy and historical/documentary movies such as: Shrek, Batman, Godfather, Terminator, Monty Python, The Fog of War, Stalingrad (1993 version), Michael Moore’s movies, and also Pretty Woman.

I love music. Some of my favorite artists are:

  • Miles Davis,
  • Sex Mob,
  • Joshua Redman,
  • John Coltrane,
  • Charles Mingus,
  • Sonny Rollins,
  • Thelonious Monk,
  • Scott Joplin,
  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band,
  • Bob Seeger,
  • Bob Dylan,
  • Nirvana,
  • Megadeth,
  • Michelle Branch,
  • RL Burnside,
  • Lee Dorsey,
  • Ray Charles
  • BB King,
  • Barry White,
  • Spearhead,
  • Snoop Dogg,
  • Notorious BIG,
  • ZRo,
  • Nappy Roots,
  • JayZ,
  • Alicia Keys,
  • Shakira, (her classics – when she had meaning and sang in Spanish)
  • Mana,
  • Thalia,
  • Eddie Palmieri,
  • Victor Manuelle,
  • Manu Chao ,
  • Mayito Rivera
  • Julieta Venegas,
  • Prokofiev,
  • Gershwin,
  • Mozart,
  • Stravinsky
  • many, many more

My heroes include:

  • Ghandi,
  • Simon Bolivar,
  • Martin Luther King Jr,
  • James Madison,
  • Thomas Jefferson,
  • Ben Franklin,
  • Mikhail Gorbachev,
  • Russ Feingold,
  • That unknown guy who stood in front of the tanks in the 1989 Tiannenmen Square protest…
  • Omar Vizquel,
  • Shaun Rogers,
  • LeBron James
  • Zydrunas Ilgauskas
  • The Dalai Lama

I love to read. Right now, I’m reading: The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Training Module 2 Building Competitive Operations Planning and Logistics.  My all-time favorites include:

  • Josephine Tey The Daughter of Time,
  • Genrich Altshuller The Innovation Algorithm,
  • Peter Drucker The Practice of Management,
  • J.R.R. Tolkien’s books,
  • Bill Watterson’s ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ books,
  • Scott Adams’ ‘Dilbert’ Books,
  • Gary Larson’s ‘Farside’ books,
  • Dave Barry’s books of his humor columns,
  • Paul Kennedy The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,
  • Dan Brown The Davinci Code,
  • Maxmin and Zubhoff The Support Economy,
  • Georgy Polya, How To Solve It,
  • AJP Taylor’s books.

I also follow the news and views at the great sites below. Notice I have included news-sources ranging from deep-left-field to the far-right-fringe and everywhere in between. I am a firm believer that the free-market of ideas will help the best ideas win out, and I want to hear what everyone has to say before I make up my mind.

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