On the Record? An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing an open letter to you today, to ask you to renew your focus on those things that inspired the nation to elect you.

I was inspired when I read your book ‘The Audacity of Hope’ and when I heard you speak. I was so inspired that I voted for you in 2008.

When I voted for you, I had the idea that you meant to do things that were pragmatic, effective and uphold our constitution and liberty. I had the idea that you had 4 main goals, which were also some of the things that I consider to be some of the biggest problems facing our country:

(1) Restore trust, civility and cooperation to the political process so things could get done.

(2) Restore prosperity for all citizens and help our businesses become more competitive.

(3) Restore the democracy / make government work for all citizens – not just corporate/special interests.

(4) Restore those liberties and processes of law that were dismantled by the previous President – while also keeping this country safe and strong.

You started strong with the stimulus Since then, I feel that you have gradually lost your way. Lately, I feel like you have forgotten why the people elected you. I am worried by some of the things you have chosen to work on, such as cap-and-trade, and also by some of the things you have not yet started working on, such as restoring the democracy and liberties. I am worried by the lack of progress on key items you already began such as healthcare, job creation, and consumer protection.

I am very worried by how certain people in Congress have been allowed to stall many reforms – despite popular support for reform and the suggestion of many good reform ideas on both the left and the right. Look around: there are many good ideas all across the political spectrum.

I know your job is difficult and demanding. I know your predecessor left you with an incredible set of problems. I also know that you have talents equal to your task. I can tell from reading your book that you have more raw talent, and more pragmatism, than most of the other presidents in my lifetime – that is, since President Carter. I wish you all possible luck and all possible success in doing your work. I know you can succeed.

I ask you to please take a few days off, and re-read your book. Watch tapes of some of your campaign speeches. Get back in touch with the things that inspired us to vote for you – and then drive forward those things that are going to most improve our country.


Submitted to whitehouse.gov/contact on 2010-02-17

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