Today’s Scandal – 4/08/2010: Police Prevent Citizens from Video-recording Police Misconduct

This article in The Christian Science Monitor raises a great question: ‘Reality shows routinely tail US police officers, filming them tangling with miscreants. Cops regularly film themselves from cameras mounted on cruiser dashboards – and now special hats. But if the state uses cameras for its own purposes and defense, why are so many citizens getting in trouble for pointing their cameras at the police?’  It then presents some examples of police treating photographers badly, confiscating pictures, equipment, etc.

In a civil society with Rule of Law and freedom of speech and from arbitrary seizure and all those things that we are supposedly fighting so hard against terrorists to protect, why do we allow the police to act so aggressively towards citizens? Why are police not bound by, at least, the same laws and codes of conduct as the common man? In fact, why are they not bound by a higher standard?

Photography is a vital tool for exposing official corruption and abuse. We should collectively celebrate every time a citizen exposes such official malpractice.

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