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On Marriage: Can it be Saved?


I recently heard my aunt’s parrot make a door-slamming noise and shout ‘FUCK YOU!’.  Apparently the bird had been sold to my aunt by a couple who divorced immediately after.  My aunt, who divorced too, years before she got the bird, speculates that the woman kicked the man out of the bedroom because he was a male chauvinist pig who wouldn’t help with the housework.


On Love: Needed In Our Public Lives?


Love-zhWhat is love?

  1. Love is how I feel when I think of grandma.
  2. Love is joy of being with my sweetie.
  3. Love is a purring cat that refuses to leave me to my work.
  4. Love is the boundless trust, kindness and help that is shared between close friends and family.
  5. Love is the warmth of doing a good thing for someone else.
  6. Love was that feeling of kindness that kept me from cutting off the fat, happy, oblivious, singing woman in the lane next to me – even though I was late.
  7. Love is the motivation to not take advantage of those I could. (more…)