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On The Price of Oil and Gasoline: Why Is It So Much and How Can It Be Reduced?


President George W. Bush was a terrible president – arguably the worst ever.  That said, he did one thing that I really liked: he greatly increased the American production of natural gas – which is why its price has fallen by one third to one half of late.  Why then have the price of oil and gasoline stayed so ridiculously high when the cost of natural gas has fallen?

On Global Warming: What Is Practical?


599px-The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17My goal is to propose a solution to global warming that creates the greatest good for the most without in anyway undermining individual freedoms. I propose a solution that is neither of the left nor the right, but instead that cherry-picks good ideas from across the spectrum of thought, and that would make everyone better off. I propose a reasonable balance of environmental effectiveness and cost effectiveness, that we can proudly pass on to our children and their children. (more…)