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On The Price of Oil and Gasoline: Why Is It So Much and How Can It Be Reduced?


President George W. Bush was a terrible president – arguably the worst ever.  That said, he did one thing that I really liked: he greatly increased the American production of natural gas – which is why its price has fallen by one third to one half of late.  Why then have the price of oil and gasoline stayed so ridiculously high when the cost of natural gas has fallen?

On Fixing Cleveland – Part 4: Who Can Lead this Change?


In the previous 3 pieces, I defined and analyzed the problem in the previous 3 pieces, and suggested improvements – most of which have already succeeded in solving similar problems in other cities. The only thing unique is that Cleveland has allowed itself to fall so low. My commenter lsbnbj blames a lack of leadership for the problems. This is true. By definition, strong, wise, caring leadership would not have allowed this decline to occur.

That said, it doesn’t take brilliant leadership to follow in the path of regeneration that other cities have already established. Mostly it takes persistence, concentration and cooperation. This is something that even bureaucrats could accomplish, if they were empowered to do so. What does take leadership is in persuading people, at the beginning, to support a new system that would be much more effective in achieving its goals. This is how I would do it: (more…)

On Fixing Cleveland – Part 3: How to Attract People to the Region’s Urban Cores?


798px-Cleveland_from_Superior_ViaductI recommend that you first see Part 1 and Part 2 of this series

In Part 1 I established we need to solve this on a regional basis. In part 2 I established that people will come to this region if and only if there are good jobs to be had here. That said, the above are necessary, but not sufficient conditions for growth. There also has to be reason to live in the cities not just the suburbs. Once again, the urban cores must build on their strengths and turn their weaknesses into strengths. (more…)

On Fixing Cleveland – Part 2: How to Bring Businesses and Jobs In?


I recommend that you first see Part I of this series in my previous post …

Retain, grow and attract businesses:
798px-Cleveland_from_Superior_ViaductTo grow again, Cleveland and the other cities in its region need to provide opportunity. This opportunity needs to come in the form of business and jobs. The cites in North-East Ohio need to work together to provide the right conditions to grow, retain and attract businesses. (more…)